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Sahas really believes in people by inspiring them in their personal‚ social and professional environments. We replenish their self esteem‚ values‚ beliefs and perception.

Our camping site with rocks‚ valleys‚ mountains‚ trees‚ and tents at our service – makes the best and safe haven for any soul that is looking for a recharge! Be it teenagers‚ professionals‚ or adventure – loving families – we assure the best adventure experience.

Our idea of adventure takes our guests beyond their bounds. It is an adventure for body‚ mind‚ and soul. We guarantee your connection with nature. Nature of both kinds : inner and outer!

Needless to mention – we conduct outbound trainings and experiential learning activities for corporate teams‚ we conduct adventure camps and treks for youth of all ages‚ and we provide day – out packages for everyone.




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